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Route des Usines, Mazamet, France
A view in the valley of the River Anette, to the south of the town of Mazamet. The quality of the water of the river, which was free of calcareous deposits made it particuiarly suitable for the initial treatment of sheepskins, particularly the removal of wool (in French - delainage), before proceding to the tanning processes. The steep valley with a plentiful supply of water both for treatment and power, meant that at its height there were around 50 separate delainage factories in a distance of about 6 kilometres. The last of these closed in 2004 because of competion from China, although one major producer of fine leather products is still based in the town.
This shows one of many derelict premises along the river; the gradient of the road and the narrowness of the valley are very apparent.
Fotografin / Fotograf:Alan Murray Rust
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Hinzugefügt am:03.Oktober 2011
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