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Hot Iron - Morton's Ironworks at Blists Hill
Generally twice a year, for 2 or 3 days each time, The Blists Hill Museum at Ironbridge operates the historic wrought iron rolling mill. The building came from Woolwich in London, and the rolling mill from the Walmsley forge in Sheffield. The mill is still operated with a steam engine.
The session planned for the beginning of August 2012 was in doubt because of some possible problems with the furnace, but was given the go-ahead at short notice. This view shows the receiving side of the mill. The bar is being lifted over the upper rollers ready for the next pass.
The only non-traditional feature of the operation is that steam for the engine is produced by a modern boiler, and the billet heating furnace and the boiler are fired with oil and not solid fuel. Modern safety clothing is not considered essential!
The iron rolled on these occasions is generally scrap wrought iron from various sources, and the output is made available for heritage restorations.
Fotografin / Fotograf:Alan Murray Rust
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