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Chemieanlagenbau Leipzig-Grimma, total view
The backward view to the production halls were blocked by small trees and bushwood which covered an uncultivated area. Some weeks ago all these trees and bushes were removed. Perhaps somebody wants to cover the area with builings. This gave a chance for photographing this complex.

I took a shot from the frontside many years ago:


I found no way to exchange the image without deleting it. There were some comments:

Nico Cobben: Very nice almost abstract composition! But correction of the "tilting" of the building would make it a perfect one

Me: Yes, you are right. Again a session in the dark room. (done)

James Milne : As Niko, fantastic shot. Just to my taste.

Harald Finster: I agree with Niko too.
Great "anti-romantic" architecture, very clear.
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Photographe:Uwe Pilz
Tous photos dés:Uwe Pilz - anzeigen
Date d'ajout:31 Mai 2016
Dimensions:1000 x 621 pixels
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