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Five years later
Some of you may remember the image of this sugar mill in Cuba which I showed in the "other" forum some five years ago. I had the opportunity to revisit this year, and for this image I tried to get as close to the same viewpoint - entirely from memory as I didn't have a copy of the image on papaer with me. I only made two attempts at a replica, and this is the first of them. Compared with the original I am very pleased how close I was!
This is Mal Tiempo mill, which is close to the town of Cruces, near the city of Cienfuegos on the south side of the island. Unlike many closed mills, which have generally been largely demolished except for the chimneys, this one remains structurally remarkably intact, although the hurricanes of the past few years have removed all the sheeting. The result is like an X-ray view of the plant, with much of the equipment still in place. The vessels in the roof space would have been part of the refining and crystallisation processes.
Fotografin / Fotograf:Alan Murray Rust
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Hinzugefügt am:15.Mai 2010
Abmessungen:1000 x 738 Pixel
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