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Battiferro, Bologna
The Battiferro is an area in the north-west of Bologna with a long tradition of manufacturing activities. The name means "beating iron" and refers to ancient metalworking settlements. The water fall created by the canal lock fostered the establishment of several pre-industrial activities, like paper and flour mills. In 1898, Ganz bought the area on the right of the picture and built a power plant equipped with four steam boilers and an hydroelectric turbine. The Battiferro plant operated until 1965 and since then is abandoned. Today I and some friends are engaged in retracing the history of this great structure and foster the renovation of the site. In the same area there are located the ruins of a paper mill and a brick furnace, while another big furnace now hosts the Industrial Heritage Museum of Bologna
Fotografin / Fotograf:Jacopo Ibello
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